Attract Studios & Production Houses

We work with groups that have a strong track record of getting film and TV projects completed. Our board of advisors have produced billions at the Box Office.

Fund Film and TV Projects

We are developing a platform that will fund TV and film projects around the globe. Writers will be able to submit their screenplays to the platform where producers can make deals with them for the right to produce it.

Receive Royalties and Distributions

Each project brought to the platform will have its own project token created. Dionysus will split the profits generated with the producers of the project and project tokenholders all through smart contracts.


Writers post screenplays to a specialbulletin board area.

Token production participants such as Associate Producers, Board members and Producers can strike a deal with the writer for the right to produce it. A smart contract is created between the writer and the production participant. This smart contract will eventually represent the project as a whole. it will receive funding and it will distribute profits.


Dionysus.Studio and our community decide which projects will move forward

Depending on the rank of the production participant, the project will move through the system differently. Associate producers, having the lowest rank will need to gain the support of other Associate producers. This will take the project to the greenlit room where the project will need to gain the support of 9 other board members. Once it gains this support, the project moves to the Main Stage for funding from the general public. Producers , having the highest rank , may be able to move the project directly to the Main Stage for funding.


Fundraising via cryptocurrency.

Tokens specific to the selected project will be created and distributed. these project-specific tokens may be purchased via the original smart contract created for the project.


Ether from the crowdsale are converted to US Dollars to fund the project:

Upon approval of the project by Dionysus, An amount of Ether received for the project will be converted to US dollars. These funds will be given to the project.Dionysus.Studio will negotiate distribution deals: The Hollywood insiders at Dionysus.Studio will negotiate distribution deal for the project with channels such as movie theaters, Netflix,Hulu, and Amazon Prime.


Production, Distribution and rewards.

The movie is produced and distributed and the profits are shared between the platform, production particpants and the project token holders. If project tokens choose to, they may be able to exchange their project tokens for offers made by the production participants. the offers may include merchandising, tickets to the premier, autographs and on set visitation.

The film and TV business is a multi-billion dollar business that essentially belongs to a small community.

Dionysus raises capital through the sale of tokens. Executive producers submit project proposals through the platform for film and television. Dionysus decides which projects to fund, audits the budget and funds them from funds raised.

We offer our whitepaper in English, Chinese and Russian

Dean Anastos - CEO


Dean Anastos

Dean is the Founder and President of Blockchain Developers. He previously led the Apollo Financial Group, a mortgage trading company that sold default mortgages to retail investors. His background in finance and programming makes him an ideal candidate to lead a Fintech company. Dean was lead blockchain and smart contract developer for Dragon Coin’s ICO. He continues to advise Dragon and other ICO’s on technical matters. Dean not only has a techincal side but he also has a creative side. He wrote a novel titled Maria Canje which will also be produced into a movie in 2019. His passion for stories and blockchain inspired him to create the Dionysus platform.

Balbir Judge - Chien Value Officer

Chief Strategic Advisor

Amjad Suleman

Amjad Suleman has been associated with the investment banking and Fintech industry for over two decades and has held Senior Management positions with Citigroup, Mizuho International , Wachovia, Redddot Capital and with management consultancy firms such as Sclumberger and Atos Origin. Mr Suleman has garnered a tremendous degree of trust and integrity in the business community he serves both in the UK and abroad. The key to his spectacular success in this endeavour has been due to three things, his extensive global network of high net individuals. excellent personal contacts with high ranking government officials and the desire to work hard to achieve set goals. His personal mantra to doing business is simple. "Ensure you earn your clients trust and confidence”. Mr Suleman honed his entrepreneurial skills after obtaining his professional qualifications from the Investment Banking Institute of New York. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from a prestigious UK university and is a proud graduate of the Cisco Academy, where he passed out with distinction. He continues to develop his academic and professional skill sets and he has been awarded a scholarship and is currently in the process of completing a MBA programme in Chartered Banking Finance.

Luke Daniels - Executive Producer

Strategic Advisor

Rex Chun-Yi Yueh

As Director of BY MEDIA INTERNATIONAL LTD, Rex's vasts connections in the Asian markets will allow Dionysus to penetrate this critical region of the world. Canadian Chinese, MFA Graduate from RISD (US), Rex started out in the late 1990s in the software and telecom industries, as a programmer and project coordinator with companies including Lucent Technology, Silicon Graphics (SGI)/Alias-wavefront and Autodesk. In the early 2000-04 he provided several in-house training and custom programming 3D visual solution for major animation/SVFX studios. Through his business connections he has a wide and diverse experience in project development and team management through focusing on IT product development and visual effect technology services in North America and the Greater Asia market. Since 2005 Rex has worked in animation and visual effect mainly in Asia and the Greater China market. After 2007 he enter the mobile app and interactive software platform design and solution service business in both HK/Taiwan and China markets.

Strategic Advisor


As Director of BY MEDIA INTERNATIONAL LTD., Iain will bring his tremdendous experience to the Dionysus Platform. A Glasgow -born graduate of Strathclyde University, the UK's National Film and Television School (NFTS) and the Atelier de Cinema European (A.C.E), has served on the development board of Scottish Screen Enterprises, the NFTS Scholarship Panel and as Chairman of the NFTS Alumni Network. Beginning in film production on the David Putnam production of Bill Forsyth's - Local Hero - he has since worked with directors such as Bruce Beresford, Kevin Godley, David Mallet, Phil Jouaneau, Richard Lowenstein, Brian Ward, Sandy Johnson and David MacKenzie. In 1980/90's produced award winning films, worldwide with, Sade, U2, Sting, Frank Sinatra, INXS, Paul McCartney and AC/DC's - Fly On The Wall , U2 Rattle & Hum, Casta Diva (La Scala Milan) among many others. In 1993 he established, and became Chairman of, the AIM listed Parallel Pictures Group Plc based at Ealing Studios, producing Brides Diary, If Only, Far From China, POV, Naked August. In 2016 he Co-founded the Beijing /HK/ London based, BY Media Ltd to produce feature films, TV drama and AR / VR development. Iain was a guest speaker at the 2015 UK - China Film and TV Summit in London in the presence of Vice Premier Madam Lui.

Luke Daniels - Executive Producer


Luke Daniels

Luke Daniels (III) Producer | Actor Official Photos » Luke Daniels is a producer and actor, known for The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014), Yoga Hosers (2016) and Under the Silver Lake (2018). Luke produces about 15 movies a year, has strong relationships with A-list actors and he will bring this experience to the Dionysus team to help bring projects to fruition.

John Xu - Software Developer

Blockchain Advisor

Nick Spanos

Founder of the Bitcoin Center (prominently displayed on the netflix movie "Banking on Bitcoin") in 2013 and, Mr. Nick Spanos is the inventor of the multibranched blockchain, and blockchain voting. Both patents have been granted. Mr. Nick Spanos is the Founder of Blockchain Technologies Corp. and has been Chief Executive Officer since 2014. Mr. Spanos is the Founder of Blockchain Apparatus, Ltd. and serves as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.. In 2013 Nick Spanos founded the bitcoin center in NYC 100 feet from the NYSE. He has over thirty years of experience in technology and politics. He is a pioneer and thought leader in the blockchain paradigm. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of from 2007 to 2014.

Max Garza


Max Garza III

Max Garza III is a blockchain investor, trainer and ICO advisor. He is Co-founder and managing partner for Bitfundza, one of the largest Bitcoin Crowdfunding platforms globally. Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Block Chain Developers LLC, Star Core Consulting LLC and AAI Global Solutions, providing 20 + years of commercial financial services for international clients. Equity partner for Wallet Defender, Stryker 1, Kuverit and Vectorzilla, an ICO that incorporates deep AI Learning and Vector Platforms, which is launching in India 2018. Lead ICO and Blockchain R&D Advisor for Dragon Coin, focusing on Cross Chain Atomic Swaps. Equity Partner at Dionysus.Studio, Hollywood Blockchain Advisor and Producer for MAD Acting Studio in Los Angeles, California and Co-owner of Blockchain Research and Development LLP India. Max Garza III is a social advocate for

Luke Daniels - Executive Producer


Elizabeth Koshy

Elizabeth Kosy has an extensive history of executive leadership for both startups and established corporations. Her experience includes setting up very successful animation and entertainment companies both in india and in the U.S.

Jit Singh - Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer

Jit Singh

Jit is an IT Infrastructure expert. He has a robust financial industry background coupled with trading floor project management experience. Jit has partnered with major technology companies such as: Microsoft, Cisco, HP and Dell, making him a very valuable asset in the crypto community in general and to DIO, specifically. In addition to his integral role with DIO, Jit serves as CIO for Dionysus.Studio and is also a partner with Blockchain Developers, which specializes in developing and launching ICOs. Jit is also an equity partner for Vectorzilla, an ICO that incorporates deep AI Learning and Vector Platforms.

Andrew Se - Asia Marketing Director

Actor / Director / Talent Management

Max Decker

Max is an actor and producer, known for Hoax (2017), All My Children (1970) and The 30th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards (2003). Max will be in charge of the talent agency division of Dionysus.

Cole Kornell - Director / Actor

Director / Actor

Cole Kornell

Cole Kornell is an experienced and versatile filmmaker/actor, hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. An honors graduate of Ringling College of Art & Design with a B.F.A. in Film, Cole won 2 awards for his latest short, Unending Love. You can learn more about Cole and his passions at

Balbir Judge - Chien Value Officer

Chief Value Officer

Balbir Judge

Balbir Judge is our Chief Value officer. Balbir is well connect in global financial circles. He has been behind multiple 100MM + raises for private equity and various hedge funds. His connections to the financial world is invaluable to the Dionysus platform.

Andrew Se - Asia Marketing Director

Asia Marketing Director

Andrew Se

Andrew Se is our Asia Marketing Director out of Singapore. His background in marketing in Asia brings a strong value to our core team. Andrew manages various crypocurrency telegram channels and helps direct eyeballs on upcoming projects. Andrew is excited to help Dionysus launch in his section of the world.

Dylan Vigil - Creative Director

Creative Director

Dylan Vigil

Dylan Vigil is our Creative Director based out of Los Angeles. Founder of, his knowledge of graphic & web design lends itself to the Dionysus brand.

Cole Kornell - Director / Actor

Software Architect

Abdul Qaiyoom

Abdul is a blockchain investor and decentralized technology expert with 20 years of experience in business planning, IT management and creative direction. Abdul is CEO of Allies Interactive Services Pvt. Ltd. (the world’s largest micro-stock graphics content creation & distribution company), which has helped launch several explosive start-ups. He is also a Co-Founder of VECTOR ZILLA (blockchain based AI-Driven Micro Stock Graphics Platform) and an advocate for "Parivartan," a social welfare charity that helps people and improves city life in India.

Cole Kornell - Director / Actor

Strategic Advisor

Marc Gold

A filmmaker since he was 12 years old, armed with his Super 8 camera and a love of stop motion animation in the age of disco, Marc's life took a different path. Instead of taking the full ride scholarship to the prestigious NY School of Visual Arts, Marc served his country in the US Navy and then settled into the world of finance and private equity where he co-founded & built several leading California companies. Rediscovering his passionate side, Marc 'stumbled' back into film where since 2014 he has financed and produced his first 5 feature films all due out for release in 2018 and 2019. With budgets ranging from $100k to over $7m dollars, Marc follows his passion for stories that feel right, whether inspirationally OR diabolically as evidenced by his love of horror. With his banner, Fresh Cats Productions, Marc is working on a full slate of feature films that include Wishman, Big legend and Maria Canje as well as scripted and non-scripted television and alternative media projects.

John Xu - Software Developer

Strategic Advisor

Andy Wall

Developing ICO,svand Blockchain development capital company in London in Canary Wharf. Also Building a multi million pound gaming software company on the Blockchain working with a team that has raised close to a billion dollars already in ICO and Fintech. Built a very successful marketing network group which formed a car club. Covering international business in USA and Europe. Specialist in marketing to on line marketing organisations and products. Corporate Team. UK Business Developement Manager for Global responsible for bringing $ 1.5 billion financial services to on line trading platform called Andy has built a number of multiple million pound vendor business relations with on line retailers. Regional Vice President.

John Xu - Software Developer

Blockchain & ICO Advisor

Eugene o'Brien

Eugene is the Founder & CEO of Crypto Currency World, a software development company that specialises in distributed ledger technologies. He identifies opportunities to capture long-term outperformance and capital appreciation through technological innovations such as Blockchain, cloud computing and big data.

John Xu - Software Developer

Strategic Advisor

Peter Vallely

Peter is the Chief Business Development Officer of Crypto Currency World and a Co-Founder of Bitkiosk Ireland. Peter is a crypto-currency enthusiast with a demonstrated history of working in several sectors. Skilled in negotiation, business planning and sales with an MBA focused in Business from UCD.

John Xu - Software Developer

Strategic Advisor

Ciáran Magee

Ciáran is the Chief Communications Officer of Crypto Currency World and a Co-Founder of Bitkiosk Ireland. Ciáran is a crypto-currency enthusiast with a strong track record in business along with an interest in fitness. Ciáran also has a degree in biochemistry from Dublin Institute of Technology. International trade advisor for KHK Holdings Media and the Brave Federation.

Cole Kornell - Director / Actor

Music Composer

Luke Flynn

Luke Flynn is a composer and conductor living in Los Angeles, CA. Luke has scored a multitude of films and trailers, and has worked on the soundtracks for some of the biggest motion pictures in the world, such as Star Wars: The Last Jedi, La La Land, and many others.

John Xu - Software Developer

Software Developer Advisor

John Xu

John Xu is our solutions architect. He currently works for Amazon as a Software development Manager in Alexa Communications leading a team building multiple services. The team is operating a highly available mobile proxy service. The team bootstrapped and built a permission service to as a central permission management platform through leveraging existing policy management existence. The team is a telemetry pipeline that ingests events, aggregates them into session metrics and KPI, and then visualize in a website from ground up, utilizing API Gateway, Lambda, ECS, EMR with Spark and Flink, ElasticSearch, kibana and React.

John Xu - Software Developer

Strategic Advisor

Steven Ponsler

Steven Ponsler has spent over 30 years in Corporate Finance with several Global Companies, including Merrill Lynch, UBS, Paine Webber and Proctor & Gamble. He has been involved in various public and private offerings and is experienced in market valuations, both in the funding and acquisitions.

John Xu - Software Developer

Strategic Advisor


Ozzie Kalil has 28 years of entrepreneurial experience, including 17 years in private equity. He has co-founded and been involved in several start-up companies which has strengthened his background in both sales and corporate finance. Mr. Kalil brings strategic and forward thinking to each opportunity he is given. Mr. Kalil has built a reputation for developing new business models, strategies and leadership to navigate companies through one of the most dynamic and powerful markets the industry has seen in decades.

Corky Kessler - Intellectual Property Law

Entertainment Legal Advisor


Corky has extensive entertainment law, corporate and worldwide entertainment industry experience and regularly speaks on the business and legal aspects of feature film development and tax incentives in connection with the entertainment industry, and he has authored a reference book covering such federal and state tax incentives. In 2016, Corky was named the top entertainment lawyer in the United States.